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Conte Negroni

Conte Negroni


After years of mixing, tasting and experimenting, we developed a genuine Negroni cocktail, based on the 1919 basics.

  • Distilled from scratch, really from zero to Negroni
  • Minimum of 5 weeks barrel ageing (softens the Alcohol domination)
  • Bottles of 50 cl. Ready to serve Negroni Aperitif
  • Enjoy Pure on the rocks or with 1/2 Tonic 1/2 Conte Negroni
  • 22% Alc.


A Belgian Distilled Aperitif


Made out of 3 main ingredients we distilled from scratch: Gin, sweet vermouth and an Italian inspired bittersweet liquor. It is obtained from the infusion of a wide selection of aromatic plants, herbs and fruits, carefully selected with the focus on sustainable raw materials.

A typical distinctive nose of bittersweet orange with subtle notes of Calamus Root and Quassia Wood. The 4 week minimum barrel ageing process enhances the flavors enourmously and has a more pleasant, less alcoholic taste. Preferably served on the Rocks, straight from the bottle into a tumbler glass with a zest of orange peel to finish off. Recognized by its vibrant, yet deep and darkened red color.

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